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Sons Of Anarchy OST. Temporada 3

Durante la tercera temporada nuestros amigos de SAMCRO se dieron un paseo por Irlanda. Este hecho se deja sentir en la banda sonora, empezando por la música inicial. Durante los capítulos en que el grupo se pasea por la verde isla el tema "This Life" tiene un añadido de toque tradicional irlandés.
También contiene uno de los grandes temas de Richard Thompson: "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" (por el que siento una especial predilección) o imponentes temas clásicos versionados: "Travelin' Band" (Credence Clearwater Revival) y "Hey Hey, My My" (Neil Young).
Curtis Stigers and the Forest Rangers – “This Life” (Versión Irlandesa)

Episodio 1 - So 
Joshua James & the Forest Rangers – “No Milk Today”
The Chimpz – “Home Invasion”
The Sadies – “Sunset to Dawn”
Richard Thompson – “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me”

Richard Thompson – “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me”

Episodio 2 – Oiled
The Celtic Rangers Family Singers – “Into Thy Hands”
The McGuire Sisters – “Sincerely”

Episodio 3  – Caregiver
Justin Townes Earle – “What Do You Do When You’re Lonesome”
Preacher Stone – “Not Today”
White Buffalo – “Damned”
The Young Dubliners – “(I Don’t Think I’ll) Love Anymore”

Episodio 4 – Home
Flatfoot 56 – “Son of Shame”
Katey Sagal and the Forest Rangers – “Bird on the Wire”
Damien Dempsey – “Spraypaint Backalley”
Six Organs of Admittance – “All You’ve Left”
Mystery Girl – “I Took the Poison”

Kim Coates ("Tig" Tagger)
Kim Coates ("Tig" Tagger)

Episodio 5 – Turning and Turning
Paul Brady – “Luck of the Draw”
The Dreadnoughts – “Boneyard”
Flatfoot 56 – “Way of the Sun”

Cowboy Mouth – All American Man

Episodio 6 – The Push
O.L.D. – “Everybody’s Bitch”
Cowboy Mouth – “All American Man”
The Greenhornes – “Can’t Stand It”
Majecy – “Like the Moon with the Sun”
The Superbees – “Buzz Buzz Around”
Jennifer O’Connor – “The Church and the River”

Episodio 7 – Widening Gyre
Cave Country – “Panda Party”
Paul Brady – “Help Me to Believe”
Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers – “Travelin’ Band”

Episodio 8 – Lochan Mor
Black 47 – “Big Fellah”
Attika 7 – “Greed And Power”
Flatfoot 56 – “The Long Road”
Dreadnoughts – “Victory Square”
Sweet Apple – “Flying Up A Mountain”
Flatfoot 56 – “Shiny Eyes”
The Tossers – “Ballad Of The Thoughtful Rover”
The Young Dubliners – “Caroline”
The Tossers – “Faraway”
Flogging Molly – “Another Bag Of Bricks”
Flatfoot 56 – “Jungle Of The Midwest Sea”
Flatfoot 56 – “Son of Shame”
The Tossers – “Clara”
The Young Dubliners – “(I Don’t Think I’ll) Love Anymore”

Flatfoot 56 – We Grow Stronger

Episodio 9 - Turas
Scala And Kolacny Brothers – “Our Last Fight”
We Were Promised Jetpacks – “An Almighty Thud”
Romany Rye – “Old Soul”
Flatfoot 56 – “We Grow Stronger”
Blacklist Royals – “Church Bells Are Ringing”
Methods Of Mayhem – “Fight Song”
Paul Brady – “Living The Mystery”
White Buffalo – “Sweet Hereafter”

Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby "Elvis" Munson)
 Episodio 10 – Firinne
 The Tossers – “A Night On Earth”
CRUD – “Devil At The Wheel”
Ruby Friedman Orchestra – “Drowned”
Kim Ferron and The Forest Rangers – “Shadows And Dreams”
The Beat Up – “Messed Up”

Episodio11 – Bainne
Tara Holloway – “Boyfriend”
Sun Kill Moon - "Alesund"
Gary Clark – “Bright Lights”
Dixie Witch – “What You Want”
Jonathan Clay – “Gypsy Woman”
Battleme – “Dead Man”

Episodio12 – June Wedding
Sasquatch – “Dragonfly”
Monster Magnet – “100 Million Miles”
Mark Ford – “Future Too”
Chuck Prophet – “Leave The Window Open”

Gary Clark, Jr. – Don’t Owe You A Thang

Episodio13 – NS
Joan Armatrading – “This Charming Life”
Attika 7 – “Cracker Man”
Gary Clark, Jr. – “Don’t Owe You A Thang”
Sad Girl – “Today Again”
The Forest Rangers (featuring Battleme and Slash) – “Miles Away”
White Buffalo – “The Matador”
TurboNegro – “Get It On”
 Battleme – “Hey Hey, My My”

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