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Sons Of Anarchy OST. Temporada 2

Motos y personajes
LLegamos a la música correspondiente a la segunda temporada de la serie dedicada a las peripecias de los moteros de SAMCRO. Durante estos trece episodios siguen incansables con sus líos y los grandes temas que los acompañan.
A lo largo de esta temporada nos encontramos con algo más de variedad de estilos musicales que en la anterior.
Esta vez quiero dedicar la publicación al colega  Isidro, persona con una capacidad de trabajo impresionante, con más registros que un órgano catedralício.

*En este post hay más canciones sin el enlace correspondiente, de algún tema ni siquiera he conseguido otra referencia que la de la propia serie.

Monster Magnet - Radiation Day

Episodio 1 - "Albification"
Anvil & Franky Pérez - "Slip Kid"
Five Horse Johnson - "Fly Back Home"
Black Mountain - "Wucan"
Blonde Acid Cult (aka Calypsony) - "Mad for You"
Imperial Crowns - "Lil' Death"
Lions - "Girl from the North Country" 
Maylene and the Sons of the Disaster - "Step Up (I'm On It)"
Monster Magnet - "Radiation Day"
Michael Sackler-Berner - "The World Is Spinnin' on Its Side Today"
The Hangmen - "The Devil"
The Toadies - "Nothing to Cry About"
Year Long Disaster - "Leda Atomica"

Episodio 2 - "Small Tears"
The Upsidedown - "If You Are Hell Girl"
Alberta Cross - "Low Man"
Katey Sagal - "Ruby Tuesday"

Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow)
Episodio 3  - "Fix"
The Toadies - "I Want Your Love"
The Death Roadies - "The Wrong Way Out"
The High Society - "Caledonia Red"
Indigenous - "Come on Home"
Hillstomp - "Cardiac Arrest in D"
Mojo Monkeys - "Roll on Muddy River"
Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - "Black Cat Road"

 The Stone Foxes - Beneath Mt. Sinai

Episodio 4 - "Eureka"
Tara Halloway - "The Bottom"
The Obscurities - "Stop Dragging Me Down"
Pearlene - "You Done Told Everybody"
Monster Magnet - "Slut Machine"
Lions - "Nothing"
The Stone Foxes - "Beneath Mt. Sinai"

Episodio 5 - "Smite"
Pearlene - "Two Crescents"
Blackstrap - "The Open Road"

  Rhino Bucket - Don't Bring Her Down

Episodio 6 - "Falx Cerebri" 
Rhino Bucket - "Don't Bring Her Down"
Fireball Ministry - "Fallen Believer"
Southern Bitch - "Free Man Now"
Boo Boo Davis - "I'm Comin' Home"
Hillstomp - "Nope"

Episodio 7 - "Gilead"
Gram Rabbit - "Stars"
The Peak Show - "Tell Me"
Devendra Banhart - "A Sight to Behold"
Madi Diaz - "A Little Bit"

SAMCRO en ruta

Episodio 8 - "Potlach"
Sun Kill Moon - "Salvador Sanchez"
Souleros - "Bag of Bones"
Henry Clay People - "Something in the Water"
Amanda Blank - "Make It, Take It"
Chicago Stone Lightning Band - "Lover, Lover"Delta Spirit - "People, Turn Around"

Episodio 9 - "Fa Guan"
Austin Hanks - "Rip It Up"
Tarbox Ramblers - "No Harm Blues"
Darker My Love - "Two Ways Out"
Glasspack - "Lot Lizard"

All Point West  - Novocaine

Episodio 10 - "Balm"
Bob Neuwirth - "The Places I Can't Afford to Go"
The Brought Low - "There's a Light"
All Points West - "Novocaine"
The Tossers - "Going Away"
The Georgettes - "Down By the River"
Six Organs of Admittance - "Attar"
Patty Griffin - "Mary"

Steve Conte & Crazy Truth - Busload Of Hope

Episodio 11 - "Service"
Chuck Prophet - "Love Won't Keep Us Apart"
Steve Conte - "Busload of Hope"
Calypso - "Elephant"
Souleros - "She Rolls Me"
Keiran Fahey - "Dohertys/Tommy Peoples"
Two Gallants - "Fly Low Carrion Crow"
Pearlene - "Rosemary Girl"
Deadstring Brothers - "Can't Make It Through the Night"

Ryan Hurst (Opie Winston)
Ryan Hurst (Opie Winston)
Episodio 12 - "The Culling"
Billy Valentine & the Forest Rangers - "Someday Never Comes"
Tara Holloway - "Better in the Flesh"
Pearlene - "Watch the Way"
Straylight Run - "Hands in the Sky"

Bachi Da Pietra - Casa Di Legno

Episodio 13 - "Na Triobloidi"
Battleme - "Burn This Town"
Bachi Da Pietra - "Casa Di Legno"
Tape Deck Mountain - "Ghost Colony"
Don Caballero - "Railroad Cancellation"
Monster Magnet - "Freeze and Pixelate"
Pat James - "Just Fillin'In"
Pat James - "City Lights"
Pat James - "Let Me Live Long Enough"
 Paul Brady & The Forest Rangers - "Gimme Shelter"

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